PPF Protection Set incl. Carnauba wax (50 % Vol.) for foiled vehicles

  • Here your foiled vehicle is taken care of all over
  • Our set for basic cleaning and care of all foils
  • Products and accessories from one source for a perfect care result

These products are included in your PPF Protection Set:

    1x Wax PPF 50 ml
    1x Cleaner Fluid Regular 100 ml
    1x Car Bath 100 ml
    1x Quick Finish 250 ml
    1x Fabric applicator
    1x Sponge applicator
    1x Micro-Dry drying cloth
    1x Waschpudel Fine
    1x Micro-Absorb Pink
    1x Micro-Fluffy Anthracite / Anthracite
    1x Entry Collection Bag for storage